Thursday 10 December 2015

The Perks of Old Age

    While mentally I still feel like I am 25, my body is starting to tell me otherwise, but realistically I know I am a “retiree” and even though Joan and I don’t often take advantage of some of the perks allotted to those in that age bracket, yesterday we did.
      Every year the ScotiaBank helps put on a free Christmas dinner for seniors.  The lure of all that good food was too much of a temptation for us to pass up so we drove down to the Elks Hall, sat ourselves down at the gaily decorated tables, talked to those friends and acquaintances around us, then enjoyed the really scrumptious meal.
    I confess I did feel a whole lot more like an elderly person by the time we left the hall.  It was hard to raise my bloated body from the chair and a struggle to carry all of that extra weight I had consumed, out to the car.
    I want to thank all those volunteers who worked to give us old timers such a delicious meal.

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