Tuesday 29 December 2015

Dog in the Tree

    I should know by now that you can’t out-smart a dog.    Last night Joan fried up some chicken breasts and so when I got around to doing the dishes, I was faced with the problem of getting rid of the oil that the breasts were fried in.  I didn’t want to flush it, so that was out.  I knew that Skye has been checking out the compost pile on a semi-daily basis, so I didn’t want to pour it there.  Then I came upon a solution.  
    I decided to just pour it on one of the willow trees in the yard.  I figured Skye wouldn’t be tempted with it then.  As you can see from the photo I was wrong.
    An hour ago Skye wanted to go outside.   When she didn’t come back in right away I thought I would check up on her.  I looked out of the window to see if she was under the bird feeder, picking up scraps of  dropped peanut butter or suet; she wasn’t there.  I looked out of the back window to see if she was nosing around the compost pile--nope, not there.  Then in my search I looked out by the carport and there she was up in the willow tree.
    What a dog.

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