Tuesday 22 December 2015

A Real Canadian Scene

    Here is another of those photos I took while out walking the dog.  I took Skye down to Horseshoe Lake again for our walk.  It was a beautiful day; sunny, and mild, with temperatures just around freezing.  As Skye and I walked down Horseshoe Lake Road, all was quiet, then the peace was disturbed by a loud “Whack”.  I turned to see what had made the noise and off in the distance I saw three kids out on an icy patch on a field, skating around and playing hockey.
    It was a scene that I really loved to see; kids outside making their own fun.  It seems to me to be a rare sight these days, when most young people spend there time inside in front of some kind of screen.  It warmed my heart to see them out of doors getting exercise, and although I didn’t play hockey, it made me remember my own childhood having fun on a frozen lake, skating around in the brisk winter air.

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