Saturday 26 December 2015

I Ate Too Much--Again

    I am finding it way too difficult not to over-indulge in all of the amazing array of food available during this holiday season.  Last night was another “Free Turkey Dinner” in McBride.  It was put on by volunteers for all of those who weren’t involved in other get-togethers on Christmas Day.  Since Joan and I qualified, we were happy to be able to join the others in the community who were likewise unengaged.  
    Of course I overdid the consumption and after we had waddled back to the car and drove home, I spent the rest of the evening reciting the mantra:  “I must learn to restrain myself, I must learn to restrain myself.”  It wasn’t only the food that as enjoyable at the feast, it was good to engage in conversations with people I rarely get to talk to beyond the “How are you doing?” stage as I rush through the day.
    We are still in the middle of the eating season and I hope the mantra will do me some good dealing with all that good food that is yet to come.

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