Tuesday 15 December 2015

My Printer Problem Solved

    I am happy to report that after numerous international phone calls, hours of waiting, and running off piles of paper testing the thing, my new Lexmark CS510de printer is finally producing the products that it should.  If you remember my problem was that the printed matter was offset vertically on the page with a space on the top and the bottom text being cut off by the bottom edge of the paper.
    The solution came when the technician from Prince George called to get information about the problem before he drove down to McBride.  He had me send him some scans of test prints generated by the machine and noticed that the formatted paper size was “A4,”  something that the other trouble-shooters failed to notice.  I had changed the paper size to “Letter” in the menu before, but I guess I  failed to press the little button with a green check mark so that my change was set, and so whenever I printed something, printer just reverted the paper size back to A4.  It seems strange that the A4 paper size was the default.  It certainly isn’t used in North America.  That is why I had the same problem with both printers that I got.
    At any rate, I am thankful that my printer is now working the way I expected and that so much person power was provided by Lexmark to solve my problem, even though the simple fix was missed.

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