Thursday 10 March 2022

A Fleeing Moose

    The snow on the ground has again frozen hard enough for me to walk on top of it, instead of sinking through it, so I thought I would walk Kona on our loop trail that runs through the neighbor’s woods.  We hadn’t been on the trail for months, so I wasn’t sure what kind of conditions to expect.  Happily it was quite walkable.

    At one point at the middle of the forest, Kona stopped, then stared intently toward a grove of Cottonwood trees.  I knew she was aware of something, but I couldn’t see anything.  Suddenly she erupted into a barking fit, pulling at her leash.  It was then that I saw a moose, crashing through the underbrush to escape the “fierce” dog that it had heard.

    I made a futile attempt to pull my camera out of its holder, but by the time I had freed it, the moose was gone.  It took a while to calm Kona down and then we proceeded with our walk.  When the trail veered south I came across the tracks of the tracks of the fleeing moose.  I would have preferred a photo of the moose, but a photo of the moose tracks will have to do.

    Later when we were walking through one of the fields that is situated beside the Fraser River, I came across some tracks of a coyote that must have been hunting mice.  The snow certainly records a lot of animal activity that otherwise, one would not be aware of.

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