Friday 11 March 2022

Kona's Firewood Pile

    I have mentioned before about how Kona has become obsessed with sticks and how whenever we walk Kona around the pond, she has been picking up the pieces of kindling firewood that I had sawed up and piled on the dam.  When I saw that this behavior had turned into a habit with Kona, I decided that whenever she brought a piece of wood back, I would stack it on a separate pile so I could see just how much wood she has carried back to the house.  

    I didn’t have anything else to blog about today, so I decided to take a photo of Kona’s pile of firewood and show you how much she has carried so far.  I have been quite surprised at some of the pieces she has held in her mouth and carried.  Some seemed to big to comfortably fit in her mouth, and some were pretty heavy, but she seems determined and once she frees a piece from the snow, she picks it up, then proudly prances back up the trail carrying it.

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