Wednesday 30 March 2022

Kona's Firewood-Carrying Obsession Continues

    Every time we walk our dog Kona around the pond, she insists upon picking up a piece of firewood I have sawn up and left there, and carries it back to our house.  Every piece she brings back is one less that I have to deal with, but still, I wish I could understand what the habit is all about.

    When she gets to the firewood scattered on the dam, she goes from pile to pile, sniffing the pieces until she finds the one that seems right to her.  She picks it up, sometimes awkwardly, by the its end, then proudly, with her tail high, prances it back to our carport door.  There I tell her to “Drop it,” which she seems happy to do, then she goes into the house.

    I periodically pick up all of the pieces she has carried to the door and put them into a pile just to see how many she has lugged back to the house (Photo above).  Yesterday I took her collection and stacked it with my other firewood, but she had accumulated quite a pile.  Some pieces are quite large  and a bit heavy to be carrying in your mouth.

    Below is what the entrance to our carport door usually looks like.


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