Thursday 24 March 2022

Night by Candle Light

    In the past we seemed to loose power every time there was a strong wind.  McBride was located at the end of the transmission line so whenever something happened along the line, McBride lost power.  The wind was always blowing trees over onto the transmission lines.  Over the past five years things had greatly improved.  There was a small hydro generating plant built on a local river that allowed power to be sent to McBride when the main line went down. 

    Yesterday was sort of a return to the past for us.  The wind wasn’t all that noticeable, but at 3:20 in the afternoon our power went out.  Shortly, it came back on, but only for a while, then in went out again, this time for hours.  It remained out until about 9:30, so we found ourselves back to sitting in the dark with only candles and flashlights for illumination.

    In the past about all we could do when the power failed was to entertain ourselves by trying to read something by candle or flashlight, instead of spending the evening watching TV or using the internet.  Luckily last night I had a book which I had downloaded onto my iPad that I could continue reading and that is what I did, hour after hour, after hour.  

    The outage was caused by a “Circuit Failure” in the Village of Valemount.  I am not sure why the local hydro generating plant failed to kick in and give us power.  We were in bed when all of the lights we had turned on hours before suddenly went on when the power was restored.


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