Saturday 2 January 2021

Not Exactly The Winter I was Hoping For

    Where is our winter?  The temperature yesterday was +4C (39F) the wind roared like a freight train and continued throughout the night.  The trees bent in submission and we kept our devices charged waiting for the power to go out.  Miraculously it didn’t.  Rain joined the wind and this morning when I looked outside, I didn’t see anything to give me hope.

    I am very sunlight oriented and find it hard to be motivated when we get day after day of thick cloud.  The rain and wind dampen what little motivation I have left.

    After I took this photo I spent some time throwing gravel onto the driveway which was turned to ice by the rain falling on the compacted snow.  

    Anytime the UPS guy delivers a parcel, he struggles getting his van up our driveway.   A couple of weeks ago, after several attempts at getting up the slope you see, he had to put chains on the tires to finally be able to drive out.

    I sure wish Mother Nature would stop playing games and give us the snow and colder weather that used to be normal.

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