Thursday 7 January 2021


     On the way back from walking the dog yesterday afternoon, we spotted a Bald Eagle down on the river.  I pulled the car over on the side of the road, grabbed my camera, and opened the car door just in time for it to take flight.

    I didn’t get the photo I wanted but at least you can see the bird.  I think that most eagles migrate south for the winter, but some stay in the Robson Valley all winter. 

    I once took the train up to Prince George in the winter and was surprised at how many eagles I saw along the way.  I assume they stay plump eating all of the carrion, created by the trains hitting the animals that use the tracks during the winter. 

    I’m not sure how much food can be found down by the river when a lot of the river is frozen, but I guess the bird knows what it is doing.

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