Sunday 24 January 2021

Mohair Yarn

    Before I start telling you about my mohair yarn, I had better explain something that often causes confusion:   Angora goats are the source of mohair, but Angora yarn does not come from Angora goats, it comes from rabbits.  

    After I had shorn my Angora goats, I had bags and bags of dirty mohair.  I would ship it off to a place in Alberta where they would spin it into yarn.   The yarn was returned to me on big spools.  I would then measure out skeins of mohair yarn, wash it, then dry it  (photo above)

    Once it was clean and dry I would dye it in a big canning pot on the kitchen stove.  Mohair took color beautifully and the result was really brilliantly colored yarn which I sold locally, usually at Christmas fairs.  I had some customers, who weren’t really knitters, buy it because the colors were so beautiful.

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