Saturday 9 January 2021

Books, Cats, and Guitars

    One of the major changes in television news broadcasts since COVID has been that the talking heads are no longer in the studios, but in their homes.  I had blogged before about how interesting I found it to get a glimpse into the homes where they live.   While these “home visits” have now become normal, I am still enjoying seeing the backgrounds behind the talkers.

    In most of the news broadcasts I watch the backgrounds are books.  I always try to read the titles to see what they have been reading.  I noticed right away that one of Judy on PBS NewsHour has “Grant” on her bookshelf.  It is a book that I had read.

    Another thing that now makes the news broadcasts interesting is seeing cats in the back ground.  It seems that several of the broadcasters have cats snoozing or wondering around in their house.

    One of the big surprises has been how many guitars I have seen in the newscasts.  This especially seems to be the case with a lot of the doctors that are interviewed about COVID.  Seeing the guitars always makes me wonder what kind of music they play.  


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