Friday 8 January 2021

I Guess I Don't Need Any More Guitar Straps

     Throughout last year, my wife would periodically ask me what I might want for Christmas.  I have so much stuff already, that I couldn’t really give her an answer.  About a week before Christmas I was playing my guitar and got frustrated with my guitar strap.

    It was a cheap thin nylon one that was continually getting twisted on my back to the point it was more like a rope, than a strap.  More importantly, it would sometimes slip out of the buttons on my guitar, making my guitar almost drop to the floor.  

    “”Aha,” I thought a better guitar strap is something I would really like to get for Christmas, so I checked on line, picked out one that I would like and showed my wife the guitar strap that would be a nice Christmas surprise for me.  There was one problem;  it was only a week before Christmas.

    On Christmas morning, I was a bit disappointed that there was no guitar strap under the tree.

    Weeks passed, and every time I played the guitar, I thought, “I really need a better guitar strap,” so I went online, found the one that I liked and decided I would order two of them:  One for my acoustic guitar and one for my electric guitar.  I put them into my online shopping cart and pressed the “BUY” button.

    A few minutes later my wife ask me what I was doing, so I told her I had just ordered two guitar straps.

    “Oh, no.” was her response, “I ordered you one for Christmas, but it is on Back Order.”  

    Well, it looked like I would have three guitar straps, but that was okay; I could use one for my acoustic, one for my electric, and one for my mandolin.

    Yesterday there was a box at the Post Office.  It seemed too big a box for the guitar strap that my wife had ordered, but when we got home and opened it there was a guitar strap in it, and another guitar strap, and another guitar strap, and a forth guitar strap.  

    I was guitar strap rich, but also confused.  

    I assume that the back order had been filled, and joined with my order for two straps, but why did they send me four?  I don’t really have an answer to that, maybe someone got confused with the math and made a mistake.

    I put one on my acoustic guitar to try it out and was very impressed.  My guitar had never felt so secure.  I was very happy with my, and my wife’s, purchase.  I now have a skookum (a British Columbian First Nation’s word meaning “really good.”) guitar strap for my acoustic guitar, one for my electric guitar, one for my mandolin, and one for my 12-string guitar.  

    I won’t be needing any guitar straps for a while.

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