Monday 18 January 2021

An Angora Kid

    Okay, now that the snow event is no longer big news, I am back to blogging about the time when I got  Angora goats.  I started out with two, a buck we named Wotan, and a doe Brunhilde.  I wanted, of course, for them to breed so I could develop a herd of Angoras.  It worked.

    The two mated and after a period of time, the pregnant Brunhilde was acting nervously and I figured she was about to give birth.  I had absolutely no experience in the process and was full of insecurities.  I put Brun in her stall in the barn with a heat lamp for warmth.  The birthing fortunately all happened without any problems and there soon was a tiny kid wobbling around on shaky legs as Brunhilde licked and licked the young goat’s coat.  As is often said about birth, it seemed a miracle.

    After a few days, the kid had figured out walking, and I let Brun and her kid out into the paddock for a taste of the world.  Angora kids are sure cute.

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