Saturday 9 March 2019

Still the Same Guy

    I came across a “Self-Interpreting Profile Test” that I think I took way back in 1966 when I was 19 years old.  The test was designed to show what my vocational interests were.  I found it fascinating how little my preferences have changed in the 50 years since I took it. 
    Way back then I showed a high preference for the Arts, and very little in business-oriented subjects.   My results indicated very high preferences in “Outdoors”, “Artistic”, “Literary”, and “Musical”.  My “Social Service” was also above average.  
    I had scores a little below average in “Mechanical”, “Scientific”, and “Persuasive” and extremely low scores in “Computational” and “Clerical”.  I would say that as an adult most of these ratings are still valid, except for “Scientific”.  I do have a very strong interest in science, much stronger than what was indicated on the old test.
    Looking back at my employment over the years shows that most of it was spent in an "Outdoor" related field, working for the BC Forest Service.  I also spent four years teaching which would probably be classified as "Social Service".  Throughout my life I have drawn cartoons, done photography, and now painting, which would all be "Artistic" and my love of music and playing in our weekly jam session shows the "Musical" classification.  "Literary" is satisfied with my constant love of reading.
   While my once youthful body has shown quite a bit of change in the last 50 years, my brain still seems to still be attracted to pretty much the same things.

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