Tuesday 26 March 2019

First Migrants Arrive

    I was surprised yesterday to see that the first small flock of Canada Geese had arrived in the Valley.  Normally, I hear the honking of arriving flocks in the evenings, but don’t actually see them until a couple of days later.  I hadn’t heard any honking before seeing them this year.
    I always wonder what these early geese eat when they arrive.  I always assume that the late leavers in the Fall eat everything available before they leave, then winter hits and everything is buried beneath ice and snow all winter, so you wouldn’t think their would be much food available this early in the Spring when most everything is still frozen or snow covered.  It looks like these geese are swimming in water that is sitting on top of ice.
    I guess I shouldn’t worry about them, geese have been doing this for millions of years so they probably know more than I do.

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1 comment:

  1. I wonder too, what they eat. I would guess roots of plants they pull up and the larvae of bugs . I don't see how flies and stuff like that over winter either. But there always seem to be flies and mosquitoes . I looked it up in spring it is leaves and stems of grasses.