Thursday 21 March 2019

Mission Aborted

    We have been wanting to get another dog for a while now.  We frequent the online dog rescue sites hoping to find the right kind of dog for us.  Unfortunately, most of what you see there are pit bulls.  We have no interest in a pit bull, so we search on.  We thought we had found a potential dog in Edmonton.    It was a Silverdoodle, something I had never heard of, but it was cute, young, and reminded us a bit of our previous dogs.
    We inquired about the dog, filled out a questionnaire about ourselves, and talked on the phone to the lady that was working with the dog.  Everything seemed to be going okay, and yesterday we planned to make the drive to Edmonton to see the dog.  The woman caregiver said she would text us the address, but yesterday morning, we still hadn’t received it.  No matter, we packed up the car for the five hour  drive, and headed east to Edmonton.
    It was a perfect day for the drive, it was sunny, the highways were clear, and it was unusually warm for this time of year (16C, 60F).  As usual, I couldn’t pass Mt. Robson without taking a photo (above).
    When we got to Hinton, we called the dog’s caregiver to get the address and we got an unexpected surprise.  She said that she hadn’t texted us the address the night before because they had left the dog by itself in a room while the caregiver had to do other things, and when she returned, she found that the dog had totally trashed the room and “ate half of the door”.   Clearly the dog needed more work and wasn’t ready for prime time.
    So there we were halfway to Edmonton, and suddenly had no reason to continue the trip, so we sadly turned around and headed back home to McBride empty handed.  I guess we will continue our search for a rescue dog online.

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  1. You can pick the breed you want then type in of BC or wherever you are willing to go and pics will come up.