Tuesday 12 March 2019

Oh Spring, Where Art Thou?

    We got about 7 inches (17 cm) of new snow overnight on top of the 18 inches (43 cm) of old snow that was on the ground.  My normal routine is to fill the bird feeders first, before I clear the driveway with the snowblower, but I decided to get the drive done first today.
    The deer that always come to clear out the bird feeders as soon as they are full, came when I was snowblowing and hung around waiting and wondering why the food wasn’t out there yet.  I was surprised that they didn’t seem real intimidated by all the noise and blowing snow from the snowblower.  They backed off a bit from the machine, but didn’t run away.
    We’ve only had a handful of days whose temperature got above freezing.  There really have been no signs of spring to be seen and it officially starts in a week.

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