Sunday 17 March 2019

My Website is Back Online

     It has been a very frustrating and dismaying time for me over the last month.  Because of my website software, I could no longer update or post on my website.  In trying to solve the problem I dug myself deeper and deeper into more problems, until those people going to my website only got to see a "404 Error" message.  The number of regular viewers which had been increasing, plummeted because there was (and still is) no way to communicate with them.
     The web hosting outfit was able to finally re-establish my website again with all of the things that were previously on it, but it will remain static because I can no longer update it.  In order to keep blogging and showing my paintings, I bought another domain name and will start updating it with all of my future endeavors.
    If you want to see my pre-2019 paintings and blogs, they are still available at:  
To read my new daily blogs, view my current painting, or see my cartoon of the week, you can do it at my new website:

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  1. That list of artists is impressive. It looks like your area is a haven for artists.