Sunday 24 March 2019

Engine Fire

    Last week as we were leaving Jasper we noticed this guy at the intersection, who was having an unexpected bad day.  The engine on his camper van had started on fire.  I have no facts, but I assume he was vacationing along the Icefield Parkway, got to the intersection, and things suddenly took a bad turn.  
    I could relate to his distress, because a similar thing once happened to me.
    Back in 1970 or so, I was working as a conscientious objector at a Goodwill Store in Indianapolis.  At the time I drove a MG Midget.  It was the worse car I have ever had.  It was constantly breaking down.
    Anyway, one morning on my way to work, I had stopped at an intersection, and as I waited for the traffic light to change, I noticed that there was a small British Racing Green blister, growing on the hood (or Bonnet as the manual called it) of the car.  I sat there mesmerized, staring and wondering at the growing blister.  When it got to be the size of a big pancake, suddenly smoke started pouring out from both sides of the front of the car.
    “Yikes, my engine is on fire” finally registered in my brain.  
    I had never experienced anything like that before, and wasn’t sure what to do, but I flipped the hood (bonnet) open, and tried to put out the flames with a jacket.  Fortunately, another driver saw what was happening and came running over with a fire extinguisher he had in his vehicle, and doused the fire out.
    I don’t really remember what all happened after that, but my MG got towed, and had repaired.  I just always remember sitting there watching the green blister growing on the hood (bonnet) and thinking how strange it was.

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