Sunday 12 August 2018

I've Looked at Rain From Both Sides Now

    When I was younger, I thought of rain as a negative thing, something that prevented me from being outside and doing the things I wanted to do.  When I moved to British Columbia and started growing a garden I started to look at rain differently, and now, after spending those 23 years working for the Forest Service, I have really started to be happy to see rainy days.
    Living surrounded by forests, can get pretty worrying when we get long stretches of hot, sunny, dry weather.  That anxiety increases when day after day you watch reports of all the terrible forests fires on the news, and experience the smoke from those fires in our valley.  Fortunately our area has been getting periodic showers and rain, whenever things start to dry up.
    I was happy last night when I heard raindrops begin to pound on our metal roof.  It was such a relief.  I took the photo above this morning showing the raindrops on some cherries. 
    At present there are just under 500 forest fires burning in BC.  The map below shows some of them.  We live near the orange dot, just south of where the straight border with Alberta starts to curve.cur


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