Tuesday 7 August 2018

Our New Normal Too

    In the photo above you are supposed to see the Cariboo Mountains on the horizon, sticking up beyond the trees, but they are obscured by smoke from faraway forest fires.  Last summer was terrible, with day after day of thick forest fire smoke masking our mountains, and even the far end of my pond.  Already this summer we have had many days of thick haze from smoke in the air, but today when we woke up the smoke was so thick we couldn’t see the mountains.
    We are extremely lucky that so far we haven’t had any really close forest fires.  Valemount, our neighboring village, about an hours drive away, has had one.  I assume that most of this smoke is from the many fires burning in the Okanagan, in the southern part of BC.  We are keeping our fingers crossed through these days of unusually hot temperatures (35C, 95F forecast for Thurs.) and hope that we will continue to be spared a forest fire.
    A couple of days ago, Jerry Brown Governor of California, while talking of the terrible fires they are experiencing in the state, said that was the “new normal”.  It is starting to feel like he is right.
    Below is a photo of our Scarlet Runner beans.  In the background you can see the haze of smoke up on the slope above our house.

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