Monday 20 August 2018

Mountain Ash


    The photo shows our Mountain Ash tree heavily leaden with berries.  This is a good sight to see, because four years ago, the last time the tree produced produced berries, a bear snuck in during the dead of night and thoroughly smashed the tree.  I didn’t mind the bear eating the berries, but I wished that it wouldn’t have torn up the tree so much.  
    After the attack I had to do some heavy pruning on the tree, then we had to go through several years of recovery, and so it is good to see that it is again producing.  This seems to be a good year for the Mountain Ash, because I have noticed a lot of the berries on most of the trees I have seen.
    I am hoping that this year, if the bear comes back it will be a little more polite when it eats.

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