Thursday 2 August 2018

Busy Place

    I am gratified and surprised every time we drive into town to see how many cars are parked outside of McBride’s new library.  It was such a struggle to get it, and it makes me happy to see how many more people are using it.  I took this photo yesterday, Wednesday afternoon, not really library prime time, and   you wouldn’t expect to find a lot of people visiting the library then, but as you can see there were quite a few vehicles parked in front of the new facility.
    A couple of Friday evenings ago, Joan and I went into the library to use the internet (our’s being practically unusable) and I was astounded at how many people were in the library.  We had visited the old library many times at the same hour and often found we were the only patrons there.  It was a totally different experience this Friday night.  People were working and playing on the computers, some relaxing in the comfortable chairs reading magazines and newspapers, while others were picking out a DVD or a book.  It looked like a big city library.
    We have our music jam every Tuesday night at the library, and since we play close to the front door, I can’t help but notice how many people (besides our musicians) come regularly on Tuesday to do computer work or do other library things, and there are many others there, that I had never seen at the old library, so can assume that it is our new building that has really generated a lot  new library users.
      Our attractive new library building is right on Main Street, is the first building people see when they come off of Highway 16, and I’m proud of what it says about our tiny, rural, BC, village.

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