Wednesday 15 August 2018

Pincushion Dog

    Our dog Skye has been going through some hard times lately.  She is in a lot of pain in her hip/knee/leg.  Its hard to pinpoint exactly what is causing it.  The vet has been giving us medicine, but Skye still has days when she whimpers when she moves.  We took her to the vet again yesterday and the vet wondered if we wanted to try acupuncture on her.
    We are ready to try anything at this point (no pun intended), so the vet got out her needles and started putting them into Skye.  I was surprised Skye didn’t react to getting punctured, but I guess the needles are so thin and sharp, Skye didn’t feel them. 
    I wish I could tell you that there was a miracle cure, but there wasn’t.  Maybe Skye was a little better, it was hard to tell.  Afterward, she didn’t yelp when she walked.  It was an interesting experience watching the procedure.  

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