Thursday 16 August 2018

Tired of Smoke

    It’s pretty petty of me to complain about the unrelenting smoke that is filling the Robson Valley, when other people in BC have lost homes and have had their property destroyed by, the now, 600 wildfires burning in our province, but while our smoke-filled skies are minor, relative to those other things, I am finding it increasingly hard to deal with.  It drags me down, just like day after day of grey skies.  I find it depressing.
    I feel sorry for all those tourists, who have saved their money for a big vacation in the mountains, and now can’t even see them due to the smoke.  Their motorhomes crowd the highways, and I wonder where they are going, because just about all of BC and Alberta are presently thickly blanketed with the grey haze.  I wish I could say that the end is in sight, but so far there is no relief on the horizon.

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