Wednesday 23 May 2018

This Nozzle Tastes Like Fish

    The other day when I grabbed the water hose to water the plants, I noticed that the nozzle at the end had been chewed up. 
    “That’s strange,” I thought to myself, then I realized the reason why.
    A few days before, I was fertilizing my newly planted garden using fish fertilizer.  I would pour a bit of the fertilizer into the sprinkling can, then fill the can up with water.
    The water would created a sudsy looking foam on top of the fish fertilizer water, and that got on the nozzle.
    I guess some animal noticed the fish smell and started chewing on the nozzle.

    I have been a bit worried that a bear would smell my big bottle of fish fertilizer and I didn’t want it breaking into the greenhouse to get it, so I now keep it in our outhouse.

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