Tuesday 8 May 2018

Greenhouse Repaired

    I spent yesterday repairing my greenhouse after I felled a tree on it.  It took all of the extra glass I had to re-glaze it, but it is back together.  
    The weather forecast sounded like we might get a storm in the afternoon, so I worked hard to try to get it done before that happened.  We never did get a storm, but did get a shower later in the afternoon.  Toward the end of my work, the mosquitoes started getting bad, so  I was happy when I finally got that last piece of glass on so could go into the house.
    You might notice that I left the tree is still laying there.  It is a cottonwood with leaves on it, and I thought I would let it sit for a while so that the leaves would continue to suck the water out of the trunk and help dry it out, before I cut it up for firewood.  

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