Wednesday 30 May 2018

New Home For Joan's Piano

     Thirty or so years ago, Joan wanted a piano and we bought the one you see in the photo, from the Monroe family, one of the pioneer families in the Robson Valley.  Joan took lessons and played it, but eventually, work and  other diversions, relegated the piano into becoming more of a piece of furniture, rather than a musical instrument.  Luckily we found a new home for it--McBride’s new library.
    I have helped move about four other pianos in my life, so I knew just how heavy and awkward they were.  Monday was the day set for moving the piano, so I did all I could to make the job easier.  I bought two pieces of 3/4 plywood to lay on the carpet so it could be rolled as much as possible.   I was glad I did, because it made the job so much easier for the six of us that moved it.
   When we got the piano off of one one piece of plywood, on to the next one, we moved the plywood that it had just gotten off of, in front of the current one, to continue the forward movement.  We got it outside, down the front porch, and finally, loaded into a trailer for the trip to the library.
    There we used the same method with the plywood, until we got the piano into it’s designated spot.  The photo below shows Naomi, our librarian, thrilled about getting the piano. 
    Last night was our music jam night at the library, and I was anxious to see the piano get its first public workout.  I meant to take a photo of the piano, and everybody playing, but once we started jamming, I got so totally engulfed in the music, I forgot to take a picture.
    I heard a very depressing piece on the radio a couple of years ago, about how so many pianos, once such a popular instrument in a home, are now ending up in dumps, because they no longer fit with modern life.  It seems like such a waste of wood and fine workmanship.   I realize that being such a massive and heavy piece of furniture that they are no longer wanted, but still it is sad to see them junked. 
    We are so happy to find a new home for our piano, in a place where it will be used.

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  1. She looks like she is getting the puppy she wanted all her life. Wonderful photo. At least you should put that photo with the piano to go with it wherever it goes.