Tuesday 1 May 2018

Hummingbirds in the Greenhouse

    For a month and a half I have  been desperately seeking out signs of spring.  Now we have reached the point that there are so many, I don’t know what to write about.  Lately I have been dragging my tiny tomato plants out to the greenhouse every day so that they begin to acclimatize to the conditions out there before I plant them.  I don’t have heat in the greenhouse, so I have to drag them back in to the house overnight.  
    Because it has been so warm during the day, I have been leaving the greenhouse door open to prevent overheating the greenhouse.  Late yesterday when I went out to the greenhouse, I found two hummingbirds banging around inside trying to get out.  This happens all the time, and I keep a hand net inside so I can catch them and let them loose outside.  That’s what I did yesterday.
    I went off to do something else, returning about 5 minutes later and found in that brief period of time, yet another hummingbird inside the greenhouse.  I caught it, took this blurry photo, and zoom, off it went.
    Joan noticed I had a bright red putty knife laying inside of the greenhouse close to the door.  I suspect that was what attracted the hummers to come inside.  I took it back to the shop, so hopefully I won’t be attracting so many hummingbirds inside the greenhouse in the future.  There will be some, but fewer, I hope.

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