Thursday 17 May 2018

The Power of One (Mosquito)

    I can’t imagine what Spring would be like in the Robson Valley without mosquitoes.  They are always the bane of my life for a few weeks (hopefully that is all) this time of year.  Usually they are not bad during the morning, but later in the heat of the afternoon, and particularly in the evening, they become frustratingly intolerable.
    Normally we are protected from this scourge when we are in the house, but that safety is often compromised by Lucifer, our cat.  This time of year she loves to be outside, then inside, then outside, then inside.  She can open the carport door all by herself, by butting it with her head.  We often don’t hear her come in and so the door remains partially open.  The mosquitoes take advantage of this breach of security and sneak into the house.
    There were a few buzzing around inside last night before we went to bed.  We killed as many as we could find, but there are always a few that wait around until everyone is asleep before doing their dirty work.  I was in a deep sleep around 12:30 when I was awakened by the buzzing of a mosquito.
    I tried to get back to sleep, but every time it landed on my face, I tried to swat it (unsuccessfully).  Each time I was getting close to falling back to sleep, the mosquito came buzzing back.  Finally out of frustration, I turned on the light, got out of bed, and started digging around in the closet for the mosquito net that we bought at Ikea decades ago.
    I found it, and started to rig it up.  I couldn’t do a proper job of it, because the hook is no longer in the ceiling, but fortunately, the bed is a four-poster, so I was able just to drape it over the two posts on the headboard and spread it down over the mattress.  I then climbed inside and turned out the light.
    The mosquito was still around of course, I could hear it.  It gave me great pleasure to know that this time it was the mosquito, and not me, that was frustrated.  I lay there secure in the knowledge that it couldn’t get at me.  This  enabled me to relax and finally drift back to sleep.

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