Friday 4 May 2018

Legacy Flowers

    The photo above shows the patch of hyacinths that have sprung up in our yard.  This patch of hyacinths was planted probably 50 years ago by the previous owners of our property, who had a little flower garden in that spot.  Every year they pop up to welcome spring. 
    In they past couple of years they have become more vigorous.  Partially because they were once under a a birch tree that has since died and been cut down.  Now that it is gone, they are getting more light, but also, I mow around them for a month after their blooms are gone, to allow their leaves get plenty of light so that they strengthen their bulbs which will make them strong enough to get throughout the winter.  If I would just mow them down right away, they would soon disappear.
    Often when I see these flowers that were planted long ago, I think about my family’s property in Indiana.  Long before my time, there was a cabin that stood at the end of a field  There is nothing left to suggest there had ever been a structure there, except for a few chunks of rock or concrete, but every spring some daffodils pop up in that now partially wooded area as a legacy of some long dead  person who took the time and trouble to plant them.
    I think it is a wonderful legacy.  

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