Sunday 27 May 2018

How High's the Water, Momma?

    This time of year the snow that accumulated all winter up on the mountains begins to melt.  As a result, the creeks and rivers begin to rise.  The Fraser River which meanders through the Robson Valley is the recipient of all that water, so we keep an eye on it, because a section of the road we live on, runs along the Fraser and if there was bigger than normal rise, it could block the only route we have to McBride and the rest of the world.
    We monitor the river level every time we drive to town by looking at this tree.  The water level usually stops rising when it gets to the level you see in the photo.  The elevation of our road is about two feet (60cm) higher.  For the forty years we have been watching the river, it has never flooded across our road, but further back in history it has.
    The river levels always depend on how much snow is on the mountaintops, and how the heat is distributed across the Spring.  A sudden, hot spell would cause a quick melt and real problems, but we have been getting cooler temperatures over the last couple days, so hopefully that will keep the river’s water level about where it is now.

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