Monday 7 May 2018


    Things didn’t go exactly to plan for me yesterday.  For years I have had the problem of tree roots growing profusely through the planting bed in my greenhouse.  I decided I should just take down four cottonwood trees that were growing close to my greenhouse, and the main suspects in the problem, so I got out the chainsaw and went to work. 
    I was able to fell the first three trees and have them fall where I wanted them (away from the greenhouse), but as you can see, the fourth one, despite the fact that I had tried to wench it in the other direction with a rope, fell right across my greenhouse, with a loud cracking and showering of glass.  Fortunately the wooden structure of the greenhouse was undamaged, but I had just hired a friend to take all the glass on the roof off, repaint the boards, clean the glass, and put it back on.  We just got done with the job Saturday, and now I have to redo a lot of that work we had just finished.
    I was able to get the tree off of the greenhouse roof with minimal additional glass breakage, amazingly enough.  I now have to replace 21 panes of glass, and fortunately have just enough glass in reserve to do it.  
    It was all an embarrassing and wasteful event, and now I have to spend more time repairing all the damage I did.  Life if full of unexpected setbacks.

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  1. Great greenhouse, what size is it and do you find it adequate for all your plant growing and how much do you grow in it?
    We will look the other way on the tree fall. Some days no matter how careful we are , things happen we would rather didn't.

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  3. The greenhouse is approximately 20Ft by 12ft. I grow tomatoes and chilis in it. It is a good size for growing enough for the two of us.