Thursday 3 August 2017

Where's the Trail?

    I am always surprised at the explosion of growth that happens every summer in the Robson Valley.  Our growing season is short, so the plants have to grow rapidly.  
    In past years we used to walk on a trail we created through the bush on our neighbor’s property.  Sometimes we would walk the trail twice a day, and we enjoyed seeing what nature was up to.  I used to maintain the trail by brushing it out every year.  We had permission to do this, but then my neighbor got two pit bull dogs.  They started barking aggressively every time they heard us on the trail.  It scared our dog (and us) and soon we just quit doing our walks there.
    The other day I thought I would walk down the trail to see what it was like.   It was a windy day and the trees were creating a lot of noise, so the dogs couldn’t hear me.  I was amazed at how obscure the trail had become by all of the vegetation.  The photos are a bit deceptive because all of the plants you see are chest high  or higher ( I held the camera over my head to take the pictures.)  The lines show where the trail goes.
    Walking through this jungle was a bit scary.  The bush was so thick I could have easily come upon a bear because I wasn’t making any noise that would alert the dogs.   I didn’t see any animals at all on my walk, just some birds.

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