Sunday 6 August 2017

Sun, Sun, Sun

    The screen-shot you see above is McBride’s forecast for the coming the next seven days.  For most of my life, I would have thought this was a perfectly desirable forecast, but since my years working with the BC Forest Service and the horrifically destructive forest fires BC going on south of us, this forecast gives me a nagging feeling of unease.
    The current fire danger classification for the Robson Valley is still fortunately “High” instead of “Extreme”, but all this sunny hot  weather could change that.
    For all my US readers 32C is equivalent to 90F, which probably seems common to you, but it is hot for us.  As you can see at the bottom of the page, our normal temperature for this time of year is 21C (70F) cooling off to 7C (45F) at night.
    I heard an unusual story on the news this morning.  A man whose house was destroyed in the furious forest fire that destroyed the town of Fort McMurry, Alberta last year, just lost his home to one of the many forest fires burning in BC.  

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