Tuesday 29 August 2017

That Should Be Enough Firewood

    Every Spring one of my main tasks is to cut and split enough firewood to get us through the next winter.  During last winter, which was a cold one, we went through an unexpected huge amount of firewood, so I thought I should get a bit extra for this winter.  Not only did I go out and cut up some of the blown down tree on some old logged out areas, but I also took advantage of the offer of a couple of people who had taken down trees and wanted to get rid of them.  
    Once I got my firewood split and stacked, I could see that I had plenty of wood (photo above), so I ticked that chore off of my list and forgot about it.  Then a couple of days ago our dog started barking and Joan told me someone had pulled into the driveway.  I went out to check and it was a neighbor, Gary Moore.
    Years ago I had given Gary my old beat up green 3/4 ton GMC truck that was sitting unused in the pasture.  He said he would bring me some firewood for the gift.  The promised firewood didn’t come for a couple of years, so I figured he had forgotten, which was no big deal because the truck was a gift anyway.  Then one day he appeared with a truckload of firewood and so I considered the bargain fulfilled.
    The other day when he appeared in the driveway, he had another truckload of wood in my old GMC, to give me.  It was a very generous and unexpected gesture.  He helped me unload it and drove off.  Beside splitting all this new wood, I had another problem--where was I going to put all this additional wood since all my normal firewood stacking places were already full.
    I split it and started stacking it along a fence by the paddock (photo below).  I really should have enough firewood now!

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