Sunday 13 August 2017

Finally Showers, But...

    For days I have been anxiously awaiting Saturday night, when the weather forecast promised showers.  We have endured a long spell of very hot, very dry weather and I looked forward to some much needed precipitation.  I mentioned yesterday how the smoke from faraway forest fires moved into our valley again, and I assumed that the promised showers would clean our air--I was wrong.
    I was relieved last night as I lay in the bed and heard the patter of rain on our roof, but was dismayed this morning when I got up.  Normally at that hour, light is coming through the window, but the smoke was so thick I could see only a dark grey hue.  It was the worst looking morning I have ever seen around here.  The smoke had caused the showers to turn to smog, very thick smog.  We couldn’t even see our pond, let alone the mountains.  Joan said it looked “apocalyptic.” 
    We had left our windows open overnight and now the inside of our house even smells like smoke.  We’ve got the air purifier going in the living room.  For weeks now on the news we have been hearing about how bad the air quality caused by the smoke is.  On a range of 1 to 10, Kamloops was 49!   It would be interesting to hear what our air quality is this morning, but since the Village of McBride is such a small unimportant place, we will never know.

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