Monday 28 August 2017

Flipped-Over Island

    Years ago I made some “islands” for my pond so that the waterfowl had somewhere to sit.  I made wooden forms and underneath I put in foam packing material for buoyancy.   Over time grass grew on top of the islands, then a few brushes, and finally some small trees started growing on them.  These trees began to grow taller and unbalanced the center of gravity.   About three weeks ago the wind flipped over one of the islands. (photo above)
    Since the weather has been coolish, I put off cleaning up the mess until yesterday.  I waded out into the jungle-like waters of the pond to the flipped-over island and sawed off the trees.  I assumed that without the trees the island would right itself back to is right-side-up position, but without all the foam which had come out, the island wouldn’t stay upright, and as I tugged on the island the wood frame started falling apart. 
    I pulled the broken island to shore and picked up all of the pieces and will now the pond will just have to be satisfied with one less island.

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