Tuesday 22 August 2017

The Robson Valley Eclipse A No-Show

    We usually get better weather than is forecast, but that was not the case yesterday--the day of the big eclipse.  It was supposed to be sun and cloud with a thirty percent chance of showers.  We got the cloud and showers, but not the sun.  Joan and I were hopeful until the end though.  We drove out to the middle of the valley where we hoped the clouds would part and show us the sight, but they didn’t.
    The solid cloud cover made it impossible to even see where the sun was.  In desperation, Joan got out her smart phone and used an app to locate the sun.   She also had an app that showed what the eclipse was doing at that moment.  That was as close as we came to experiencing the big event.    
    As we stood there on the country road, it did seem to get a bit darker, and a cool wind came up.  It seemed really quiet and there were a lot of birds sitting on the telephone line instead of flying around.
As we walked back to the care disappointed, Joan heard a rooster at a nearby farmhouse crow.  Maybe they recognized something was going on, but had I not known about the eclipse, I would have never suspected it was happening.   It didn’t seem to get all that dark.
    While yesterday’s eclipse was a bust in the Robson Valley, don’t despair-- another one is on it’s way.  Yes, on August 23, 2044 the Robson Valley will experience another solar eclipse, and hopefully it is be a sunny day.

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