Monday, 3 August 2015

Walking(?) the Dog

    I’ve known for a while that Skye our dog, is really lazy.  If we would let her she would spend her whole day curled up on the bed (except for feeding time).  It seems she is getting worse.  I think part of it is fear.  She seems really spooked whenever she is outside.  Previously, she would go on walks if I was in front, she was in the middle, and Joan was bringing up the rear behind her.  Now with Joan recouping from her hip replacement, it is only me to protect her--obviously, that is not sufficient.
    Any normal dog would get all excited with the prospect of going for a little walk around the pond, but Skye just plants her butt on the ground and refuses to move despite all of my pleading.  In frustration, I just pick her up and carry her to the pond, and set her down on the path, then she usually relents and follows me around the shore, although today I had to manually push on her rump a bit to get her started.
    What a dog!

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