Thursday, 13 August 2015


    I didn’t know yesterday, when I wrote about McBride’s Community Garden that we were going to harvest the onions that Joan grew in her box.  We were both surprised just how many onions we got.  That’s them in the photo, hanging to dry. 
    I can’t think of main course food I fix that doesn’t have onions in it.  They seem to be a basic ingredient for the food we prepare in our household.  We used to grow a lot of them in our garden until we inadvertently imported a fungus into our garden that causes onions and garlic to rot.  Since then we have had to buy our onions. 
    This year Joan took advantage of the new community garden and planted some.  It gave us a couple of surprises.  One was how many onions we got (Joan didn’t dedicate the entire box to onions, but we sure got a lot of them from the little space she used.)  The other thing that was a surprise was that the onions she started from seed ended up bigger than the onion “sets” that she bought and planted.

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