Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Morning Excitement

    There is nothing like a bit of unexpected excitement in the morning to get the blood flowing.
    This morning Joan and I were doing our normal everyday half-asleep co-ordinated dance through the kitchen as we prepared our breakfast.  Joan, still on crutches, was standing by the corner of the pantry waiting for the odd shaped piece of bread she had put into the toaster to pop up.
    The bread however got caught and didn’t pop up and started blackening on the edges.  This caused our over-sensitive smoke detector to go off.  The loud piercing sound it produced caused our cat Lucifer to suddenly awake in terror.  In her panic to escape, she went streaking through the kitchen headed for the pantry.
    She was able to make the sharp turn into the pantry by getting a good grip with her claws on the top of Joan’s bare foot.
    After rushing to the smoke detector to press the button to silence it, I got the alcohol to tend to Joan’s bleeding scratch.

    After that we went back to making our breakfast.

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