Monday, 31 August 2015

Teare Mountain Hike

    Teare Mountain is the peak just to the east of McBride Peak.  The easiest way to access it is to drive up McBride Peak, hike up to the old Forestry Lookout, then follow the trail up, until you get to the stone cairn and take a right.  You then descend into the meadows which you must cross before climbing up to Teare.  
    That was the plan yesterday for the scheduled hike of the Ozalenka Alpine Club, but at 6:00 when I woke up it was pouring rain, and the weather forecast for the day looked grim.  Clouds were obscuring the top of McBride Peak, but 4 of us decided to gamble on the day improving, and made the hike. 
    Up on top the weather was constantly changing, with sunny periods interrupted by low clouds obscuring everything in front of us, very strong winds, and some sleet, but all the changes provided some really nice effects for photographing.  The shot above shows the meadow between McBride Peak and Teare Mountain.  If you are looking at a big monitor, you might just see a very tiny red speck just to the left of the top of the tallest tree in the middle of the foreground.  That tiny speck is Al, it gives you some perspective of just how big the country is up there.
    The golden hues of the alpine contrasted nicely with the blues of the Cariboo Mountains in the distance, on the opposite side of the Robson Valley (Photo below).  At the very bottom is a photo showing a glimpse of the Holmes River drainage from Teare.

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