Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Taking the Glaze Off

    Our dog Skye lives to eat.  Every time Joan or I go into the kitchen, Skye interrupts her snoozing, and comes to investigate.  When we leave the kitchen Skye swoops in and hoovers the floor in hopes of finding a crumb of something.  
    The high point of her day (after her actual feeding time) is when I bring the cat’s food dish down to wash it.  Our finicky cat often leaves a crumb or two of food in her dish so I put it on the floor so Skye can have what is left.  By the time I give Skye the dish, the cat’s left overs are hard and crusty, but Skye still goes for it like she hasn’t eaten in weeks.  (I think it gives her a bit of satisfaction knowing that she is eating food that was meant for the cat.)
    I am amazed at how much time Skye spends scouring out the few crumbs in the bowl.  As you can see she even lies down by the bowl as the savors every last molecule of cat food.

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