Tuesday, 11 August 2015

McBride Community Pasture

    Last week Wim and Ingeborg, our friends from Belgium who are vacationing in BC, stopped in for a visit.  After a lot of catching up, we drove down Mountainview Road to walk the dogs at the community pasture.  I wasn’t sure how Skye our shy scared dog, would react to Yanna, their rambunctious dog, but it all went well.
    The McBride Community Pasture is an area where members of the Cattlemen’s Association can graze their cows during the summer.  It is a flat wide open area which gives a good view of the sky and mountains.  I was surprised at how many grasshoppers there were in the pasture.  We walked down the trail seeing hundreds of grasshoppers but no cows, then far in the end of the pasture we saw the herd.  The cows must have thought we were bringing them some food and the whole herd walked up to us mooing in hopeful anticipation.  Unfortunately we were a disappointment to them.

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