Sunday, 16 August 2015

Robson Valley Music Festival

    The Robson Valley Music Festival, an annual celebration that takes place at Dunster, BC has been going on for decades, however I am embarrassed to say that yesterday was the first time I actually made the drive out there to experience it.  Through the years they have had some pretty amazing talent perform, but it took a special “invitation” to get me off of my butt and attend.  
    I was asked to help make burgers at a stand raising money (it is still unclear to me whether it was for the Dunster School or the McBride Library).  While many a teenager has spent time making burgers at fast food joints, this was the first time I had to do it for the public.  My job was preparing all the fixing on the bun (fresh lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, whatever was called for).  As always in these kind of situations, their were spans of time when nothing happens, then suddenly there was a deluge of customers and we were scrambling to keep up.
   Usually I have been prevented from going because it occurs over a whole weekend, (causing the problem of what to do with our dog, or the weather is bad.  This year since Joan was going to have to stay home with the dog because of her hip, and since I was only working there for 3 hours, it all fell into place for me. 
    After my shift was over, I did wander around a bit looking at the wares of all the vendors, and walked to see the stage, but felt I had better get back home, so I didn’t really spend time listening to the music.  Now that I have been, I will certainly try to be back and spend more time next year.  It looked fun with lots of friendly people having a good time.

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