Saturday, 15 August 2015

Garden Rotation

    Many years ago I heard a gardening expert on the radio saying that you should divide your garden into 3 or 4 sections and whatever you plant in each section should be rotated the next year to the next section so that you don’t plant the same things in the same place every year.  I took his message to heart and have been doing that ever since.
    Unlike those serious gardeners who make detailed notes about what varieties they plant, where they plant them, and what their yield is, I am a slacker, so I just stick the seeds in the ground, falsely assuming that I will remember the varieties used and where I planted it.  Unfortunately, I never remember from one year to the next.
    I do, however, manage to take a photo every year of the garden and so that the following year when I am scratching my head trying to remember where I planted everything in order that I can rotate the crops, I can always go back and refer to the photo.   Above is the photo I took for this year.

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