Saturday 11 July 2015

The Smoke Finally Comes

    It seems that the Robson Valley always fills up with the smoke no matter how far away the forest fire is.  It could be burning in the Yukon, or even somewhere in the States, and the high hazy smoke finds us.  For a month now BC has been on fire, over 200 are burning at present.  There are so many fires that BC has started to bring in firefighters from as far away as Ontario, Australia, and New Zealand.  Even wet areas that never get forest fires are burning.  News reports from Vancouver and Victoria tell about all the smoke that is in the air, and all the while our skies have been relatively clear.
    Yesterday that all changed, the sun now has an orangish tint and the mountains are now obscured.  I am not sure where this smoke is coming from, there are a lot of possibilities.  There are fires north, south, southeast, and northwest of us, but all around 40-50 miles away.  
    All those years working for the BC Forest Service has made me pretty nervous about hot dry weather.  Luckily, so far, the Robson Valley has been spared (there is a fire in Mt. Robson Park).  It looks like the weather is changing and may bring us some showers, but with that is the possibility of lightning, I hope we continue to dodge the bullet.

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